Khaled Ben Sliman



2002 He was appointed the Ambassador of Culture in Viertri Sul Mare (Salerno Province, taly)

    “Great Efforts to Promote the Popularization of Ceramic Art to theWorld” National Culture Contribution Prize

1992 Obtained Gibellina Gold Prize in Italy

1980 Held his first associated exhibition in Ettaswir Displaying his prime paraphes

1979 Returned to Tunis and organized his own ceramics studio

1977~1979 Followed Francesc Albors, a ceramics artist. to study ceramics, implemented the colored enamel study under the temperature from 940 to 1280, and discovered the Spanish ceramics

1977 Graduated from ITAAUT, majored in ceramic art

1976 Having stayed in India and Pakistan for one month and a half, he started to be infatuated with the orient and far-east culture

1975 Having stayed in India and Iran for one month and a half, he found the Iranian ceramic art and experienced the mysterious art atmosphere in Shiraz and lspahan

1951 August 1, born in Sousse

2002 Grand Prize of International Ceramics, Vietri Sul Mare, ltaly

1994 Participated in the Exhibition of Ivory Coast, Abidjan

1987 Held a personal art exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

1984 Held the second exhibition in Kobe, Japan




2002 Ammar Farhat Gallery, Tunis

    Barcelona Ceramics Museum, Spain

1999 Center of Arts, Tunis

    British Museum, London

1986 Spain Culture Center, Tunis



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