Zhou GuoZhen



Born in Renxian County, Hunan Province in 1931, Zhou Guozhen graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1954. He was a member of the council of China Artists Association, a consultant of the sculpture commission of China Arts and Crafts Society, the vice chairman of Jiangxi Sub-society of China Artists Association, the President of Jiangxi Sculpture Association, Chairman of Jingdezhen Artists Association, President of Kaolin and Ceramic Art Society, a member of the judging panel of China Arts and Crafts Master, a professor and honorary director of the fine arts department of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute of China Light Industry Ministry. He was awarded the title of Outstanding Sci. & Tech. Person by China Light Industry Ministry and was chosen as the outstanding personnel of Jingdezhen in 1991. In the year of 1992, he was awarded the special subsidy by the State Council. He is a ceramic artist, a painter and a ceramic art educator who has been working for over 50 years in the field of “clay” and “fire”. He has created his individual vocabulary to express the spirit of the times concerning the contemporary ceramic art in China. The “Animal World” has been acclaimed as a sincere dedication and has given viewers much pleasure. His ceramic works are also characterized as multiple ways of expression and various materials. Different techniques and materials are closely related with different themes and distinctive personality. He has presented with us the aesthetics of the oriental mysticism and contemporary ideas. He had over a dozen of solo exhibitions in Shanghai Art MuseumChina National Art Museum, Sichuan Art Museum and Hong Kong Chinese Culture Promotion Center and attended more joint exhibitions in Macao, Singagore and other cities. His works have been collected by China Arts and Crafts museum, Hong Kong Art Gallery and many collectors at home and abroadSichuan Fine Arts Publishing House and Hong Kong Chinese Culture Promotion Center published special catalogues of his works. The international Who’s who centres of the United States and Great Britain has chosen him as “the Celebrity of the World". He was awarded “the Medal of the Century” by the Cambridge World CelebrityCenter Of Great Britain in 1992.