Bai Lei




    Present Associate professor, Art College of Suzhou University, director of the ceramic art studio. Senior member of China Arts and Crafts Society, art consultant of Yixing Ceramic Art Association, member of IAC, UNESCO
    1986~1999 Director and Chief of the Craft Artists of the Art Studio of Jiangxi Ceramic Institute
    1986 B.A, design department of Jingdezhen Ceramic College
    1963 Born in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province






    1992 Bai Lei Ceramics, Tokyo, Japan
    1996 Sino-Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, China
    1997 27th All Japan Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
         International Cultural Exchange, International Ceramic Workshop, Japan
    1998 China Contemporary Young Ceramists' Works Biennial,
         China Art Academy, China.
    1999 "Out of Clay", Invitational Exhibition of China's
         Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists
         Ceramic Artists, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong Province, China
2000 Ceramic Arts Millenium-end Invitational, the Central Academy of Arts and
         Crafts, Beijing, China
         The Second Invitational Exhibition of China's Contemporary
         Ceramic Artists, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong Province, China
         Five Young Art Genius, Hong Kong Art Development Agency
         Mainland China and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition (Invitational), Hong Kong
         Art Development Agency
    2001 The First China Ceramic Art Exhibition, China Artist's Association
         New Blue and White, HAP Pottery, Beijing
         International Ceramic Workshop, Fuping, Xi'an,
         China China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition (Invitational),
         Shanghai Jingwen Art Center, Shanghai
         World Ceramics Square Exhibition, Korea
    2002 Chinese Ceramics Today, Geneva, Switzerland






    1990 The first prize, the Fourth National Ceramic Art and  
         Design Competition
    1994 The second prize of the Fifth National Ceramic Art and
         Design Competition
    1996 The Award of the President of Japan Ceramic Society, China-Japan
    1997 The Prize of the Magistrate of Tokyo Metropolis, 27th All, Japan Ceamic Art
    1999 Silver Award, Contemporary Ceramics Invitational Exhibition
    2001 Work of Excellence, the First China Ceramic Art Exhibition


    Art Sky Column, CCTV, China, NHK, Japan;" Daily Yomiuri";"Asahi shimbun"; "Mainichi Shimbun"; "Mainchi Shimbun", Japan; Jiangxi Pictorial; Jiangsu Art monthly; Sculpture; Art and Design; Study of Art; World Ceramics Atlas (Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House); Contemporary World Ceramics (Guangdong Art Museum)


    TEDA Museum of Modern Art, Tianjin; Guangzhou Museum of Art, Beijing HAP Pottery, collectors and private galleries in Japan, the United States.


    Working with clay is, as a matter of fact, a process of improving my mood, I always try to seek a relaxation in tranquility. I believe that no other materials have such a natural affinity like the clay in the art. Facing up to the gentle and intelligent clay, what I prefer to is a dialogue with it, not to conquer it .