Chen Songxian




Chen Songxian


    Born in 1941, Chen Songxian's hometown is Shangyu County, Zhejiang Province. After his graduation from the Arts and Crafts Department of Zhejiang Fine Arts Academy in 1965, he was assigned to work in the academy the same year. Later, he worked as the dean of the Arts and Crafts Department, the dean of the Industrial Design and Ceramic Department, member of the academic and degree board of Zhejiang Fine Arts Academy. He is now a professor of China Fine Arts Academy, instructor of postgraduate students, one of the first members of UNESCO-IAC from Mainland China, member of the ceramic commission of China Artists of China Artists Association ,one of the jurors of "China Ceramic Art Masters" and deputy director of the jury of the Seventh National Ceramic Art and Design Competition.


    He was present at such major events as "New Forms Art Fair" in Chicago ,the United States. "The  Contemporary Celadon Masters from China " in Singapore, "The First National Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition" and " The Ninth National Fine Arts Exhibition". His works have been collected by China National Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition" and "The Ninth National Fine Art Exhibition". His works have been collected by China National History Museum and major institutions in the United States and Singapore. His books include A Research on the Traditional Ceramic Art of China. Decorations and Motifs on Ceramics of China, Contemporary Styles of Ceramic Art and Ceramic Art; Traditional and Contemporary. He founded Zhejiang Ceramic Art Association in 1989. He worked as the curator of "China Contemporary Young Ceramic Artists Biennale" in 1998. In the year of 1992, he was awarded" Special Allowance of Government" by the state Council of China for his significant commitment to the development of the ceramic art and vulture in China. He was included in Cambridge World Who's who of the Great Britain in 1996.