Born in Barcelona, Spain on February 14, 1944, Madola studied ceramics in Masana School and got the diploma for sculptureLater he studied the urban space in Barcelona College for his doctorial diploma.

Since 1996, Madola has solo exhibitions and art exhibitions in many regions of Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Las Canaris, Sevilla) and many other countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, China.

She has been awarded many prizesShe is a member of IAC headquartered in Geneva and member of the UNESCO Handicrafts Federation situated in Paris, France.

She has been invited to public and private institutions for lectures and workshops, giving speeches concerning the ceramic art, especially the ceramics in the public space. Her works have been collected by various institutions and collectors, especially the national and international museums.

Since 1998, she has been engaged in the works of the urban space in Barcelona and Manchester and the ones for the private space in Catalonia. Spain and abroad.

Since 1980, she has also been working on painting on paper and photography while making ceramic pieces.







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