Vaclav Serak




Vaclav Serak



    1998 Council member of IAC
    1992 Appointed a professor of the Academy
    1990 Prague, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, head of the ceramics and porcelain studio, associated professor
    1972-1990 Prague, Institute of Housing and Fashion Culture, Independent development designer
    1970 IAC Member
    1961 Operate his own studio work and external cooperation with arts and crafts companies and various china works
    1958-1960 Desiger, china works in Lesov and Duchcov since
    1952-1958 Prague, Academy of Applied Arts, the studio of Professor Otto Eckert, graduate
    1951-1952 Prague, Research Institute of Fine Ceramics, a technician
    1947-1948 China works in Merkiln, an apprentice
    Born on October 9, 1931 in Cakovice Lives and works in Prague.




    1966  Gmunden, Austria International Ceramic Symposium
    1967  Bechyne International Ceramic Symposium
    1969  Albisola, Italy Gallery La Ruota
    1970  Siklos, Hungary
    1971  Karlovy Vary-Intersymposium (Porcelain)
    1992  Keckskemet, Hungary Ceramic Sculpture, EU Scholarship
          Prague (Czechoslovakia), Wien(Austria)-"Real Utopie"
          Philadelphia, USA The Clay Studio, visiting scholar
    1993  Penholz-Regensburg, Geramic Ceramic Sculpture
    1998  Izmir, Turkey Ceramic Sculpture, D.E.U University
    1999  Kariovy Vary International Teapot symposium
    2000  Znojma-"Who Are We", Louka Monastery
    2002  Can, Turkey-International Ceramic Symposium


    1961 Milano, Italy, Triennal, silver medal
    1962 Prague, AIC international Exhibition, Silver medal
    1966 Istanbul, Turkey, Silver medal
    1969 Stuttgart, Germany, Prize for ceramics
    1982 Prague, Prize of Outstanding Design
    1988 Prague, Institute of Industrial Design, Crystal Pyramid
    1991 Gualdo Tadino, Italy, Scultura La Citta, golden medal
    2001 Brno-Czech Design Centre, international prize "Design Prestige"
         Ichon, South Korea-1st World Ceramic Biennal, Honorable Mention


    1969 Albisola, Italy
    1970 Maastricht, Netherlands
    1977 Nurnberg, Germany
    1979 Bechyne , International Museum of Ceramics
    1984 Wien, Austria
    1986 Cheb -Gallery of Art
    1991 Bechyne, International Museum of Ceramics
    1992 Regensburg, Germany
    1995 Villach, Austria
    1997 Ann Arbor, USA University of Michigan
    2000 Znojmo-"Fragments"
    2001 Nymburk-"140" V. Serak and K. Nepras
    2002 Ceske Budejovice-V Serak and Studio AAAD