Dalia Lauckaite Jakimaviciene




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    My works are influenced by the history of art ﹠ architecture, kitsch and industry.
    Art history is my real fascination, especially old Dutch painting with its love for details, sometimes even obsessive precision. I pick up identifiable elements from art history and incorporate them into my works tithing a new context, which is a bit humorous and ironical. However, I use these elements with much love and attention.
    Architectural forms are very important in my work. Old Vilnius architecture is an important source of inspiration. One of the beautiful Vilnius Baroque church. I have made a series of works with squares with this church. These works have a special personal meaning to me , since they depict a view that is very familiar and common to me, but on the other hand I inhabited it with some strange personages, thus making it surrealistic, dream-like.
    A mechanical word of various industrial things( like plumbing, pipes, taps or old oven doors) fascinates me. I have some romantic feelings for the raw beauty of the old industry, In my recent works I combine various mechanical forms with precise and rich decoration in the 19th century porcelain-decorating manner. I want the result to be a paradox contrast, the idea that everything is relative, art-kitsch, beauty-ugliness, reality-dreams, funny-serious, old-new.  My works are actually not comments on the decline of industry, but mostly my personal history and my childhood memories. I like my works to be a bit surrealistic and sentimental, slightly ironical, full of various allusions-historical, mythological, religious, but mostly-personal.
    Combining contemporary and historical, working with over-glaze techniques in a very precise manner, the feeling like a 19th century porcelain porcelain decorator is fascinating to me. The technical side, the execution of the work is always important to me. In that sense I realy feel I am a ceramist, a craftsman.
    In my work I often use ready-mades. Sometimes I incorporated found objects. I am living in a contemporary social environment, where products of industrialization become trash very quickly. I am happy to give some of these things a second chance and to make someone understand how nice this trash is, when you feel the history of things. My often-used technique is press-molding, and my molds are often taken from readymade forms of various things around me. Using decals is again using ready-mades. I compose these ready-mades in their own way, thus making them work for my own idea.





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